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What Current Drone Entrepreneurs Are Charging For Flight Service Alone!

Enrique Lopez

Construction Safety Manager

"$12,000 for monthly monitoring of a construction site over the course of 2 years"

"$8,000 for construction progress tracking over 12 days of work."

Chima Gonzalez

Drone Enthusiast

Sarah Belvins

Drone Pilot & Entrepreneur

"$3,000 per day for mapping and modeling missions."

"$1,000 for real estate photography for 4 hours of work over 2 days and 1 hour of post-production."

Nathan Brown

Former Air Force Pilot & Drone Business Owner

William Packer II

Drone Entrepreneur

"$23,000 for oil and gas infrastructure inspections"

"$10,000 for mapping a 10 mile corridor for a proposed pipeline for a local engineering company for 5 days of flying and 2 weeks of processing."

Jeffery Smith

Drone Entrepreneur

Results are from a 2019 survey from over 500 indivduals in the DARTdrones community. DARTdrones or SOLID UAVS LLC cannot guarantee trainee will make this income.


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