Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Secure Your Airspace

SOLID UAVS LLC is your premier partner for cutting-edge Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) solutions. We proudly offer a comprehensive suite of advanced technologies designed to detect, identify, and mitigate unauthorized drone activity. Our range of C-UAS solutions encompasses the latest innovations in the industry, providing unmatched capabilities for safeguarding critical infrastructure, events, and sensitive locations.


At SOLID UAVS LLC, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier C-UAS solutions to meet the evolving security needs of our clients. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art technologies that have been at the forefront of airspace protection. By partnering with us, you gain access to a robust selection of tools and systems that leverage the pinnacle of advancements in the field.


Experience peace of mind with SOLID UAVS LLC, ensuring that you have the most effective and reliable C-UAS solutions available. Contact us for a consultation to explore our range of technologies, and elevate your security measures with confidence.


C-UAS Solutions for Any Industry

Correctional Facilities

Detention Centers

Film Studios

Protecting the creative process, intellectual property, and ensuring the privacy and safety of cast and crew during film production.

Sensitive Data Centers

Facilities Housing Sensitive Information and Data

Commercial and Industrial Sites

Manufacturing Facilities
Research and Development Centers
Corporate headquarters

Border Security

Monitoring and Securing National Borders

Public Spaces

Parks and Recreational Areas
Tourist attractions

Critical Research Centers

Research facilities

Residential Areas

High-Profile Residences
Gated Communities

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and Medical Research Centers

Educational Institutions

Universities and Research Institutions

Critical Infrastructure

Power Plants
Water Treatment Facilities
Telecommunication Infrastructure
Transportation Hubs (airports, seaports, train stations)

Government Facilities:

Military bases
Government offices
Embassies and consulates

Emergency Response Sites

Disaster Response
Recovery Zones

Public Events

Sporting Events
Parades and Festivals

Transportation Infrastructure

Highways and Major Roadways

Oil and Gas Installations

Refineries and Drilling Sites

Government Residences

Residences of High-Ranking Government Officials

Historical and Cultural Sites

Historical Landmarks

Prone Targets for Terrorism

Areas Susceptible to Terrorist Threats or Attacks

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