Custom On-Site 2-Day Part 107 Test Prep Course

  • Exclusive 2-Day Course: Engage in 16 hours of in-person Part 107 Test Prep Training.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Submit three practice test scores of 85% or higher for exam retake cost reimbursement, if needed.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Deep dive into Part 107 regulations, airspace, and safety procedures for in-depth understanding.
  • In-Depth Exam Strategies: Learn effective test-taking strategies, techniques, and practice exams from experienced instructors.
  • 360+ Practice Test Questions
  • 140 Page Complimentary Study Guide
  • Interactive Engagement: Participate in interactive discussions, activities, and real-world simulations for dynamic learning.
  • Personalized Attention: Two full days of instruction with individualized guidance for thorough concept understanding.
  • Extensive Practice: Access Prepware for unlimited practice exams, reinforcing knowledge and boosting confidence.
  • Team Building Opportunities
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Contact us to schedule a Custom On-Site 2-Day Part 107 Test Prep Course for your Organization.

Provide your personnel with the comprehensive Part 107 Test Prep Training they deserve. This personalized intensive course is strategically designed to provide your personnel with comprehensive knowledge, interactive learning experiences, and valuable team building opportunities. Engage in 16 hours of interactive in-person training.


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Why Choose Our 2-Day Course?

  • Comprehensive Learning: Our 2-day course offers a deep dive into all aspects of Part 107 regulations, airspace, safety procedures, and more. Our extended format ensures comprehensive coverage, allowing you to master every essential topic with in-depth understanding.


  • In-Depth Exam Strategies: Mastering the Part 107 exam requires more than just knowledge; it demands effective exam-taking strategies. Our experienced instructors share valuable tips, techniques, and practice exams, equipping you with the skills needed to approach the test with confidence and precision.


  • Interactive Engagement: Engage in interactive discussions, group activities, and real-world simulations led by our experienced instructors. The 2-day duration fosters a dynamic learning environment, encouraging active participation and collaborative learning among participants.


  • Personalized Attention: With two full days of instruction, our instructors provide personalized attention, addressing your questions and concerns. Benefit from individualized guidance, ensuring you grasp every concept thoroughly and are well-prepared for the exam.


  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow drone enthusiasts and professionals during the course. The 2-day format allows for meaningful networking, enabling you to build valuable connections within the drone community. Networking can open doors to future collaborations, partnerships, and career opportunities.


  • Extensive Practice: Practice is key to success, and our course includes Prepware, a comprehensive test preparation software with 360+ practice test questions. Enjoy unlimited access to practice exams, allowing you to reinforce your knowledge and boost your confidence. Access Prepware from any computer, enabling continuous practice until you are fully prepared for the exam.


  • Money Back Guarantee: We believe in your potential. If, despite your efforts, you do not pass the Part 107 exam after completing our course and practicing with Prepware, we have you covered. To be eligible, simply submit three practice test scores of 85% or higher via Prepware to before taking the real test. If you meet this requirement and still do not pass, we will cover the cost of your first retake.



Course Highlights:

  • 16 hours of in-person training.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Submit three practice test scores of 85% or higher for exam retake cost reimbursement, if needed.
  • 360+ Practice Test Questions: Enjoy unlimited practice exams through Prepware, enhancing your knowledge and test-taking skills.
  • 140 Page Comprehensive Study Guide: As part of the course, receive a complimentary detailed study guide covering all exam topics, serving as your comprehensive resource for studying.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from certified drone pilots and industry experts dedicated to your success.
  • Team Building Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals, strengthening teamwork through shared learning, collaboration, trust-building, skill identification, and problem-solving.
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