OSTRICH AIR – Build-A-Drone STEM Kit

  • STEM Program Integration
  • Four Levels of Complexity
  • Comprehensive Educational Material
  • Engaging Challenges
  • Real-world Applications
  • Skill Development


OSTRICH AIR – Build-A-Drone STEM Kit


Introducing OSTRICH AIR’s Build-A-Drone Kit for STEM Programs

Unlock the world of robotics and aviation with OSTRICH AIR’s Build-A-Drone Kit, designed exclusively for STEM programs. This comprehensive kit offers an engaging and educational experience, allowing students to construct their own drones while delving into the fascinating realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Key Features:

  1. Four Levels of Complexity:
    • Tailored to accommodate varying skill levels, the kit comes in four progressive stages from beginner to expert. This ensures that students can embark on a learning journey that matches their current proficiency, providing a challenge that grows with them.
  2. Hands-On Learning:
    • The hands-on nature of building a drone fosters a deep understanding of engineering principles, aerodynamics, and electronics. Students get firsthand experience in assembling components, enhancing their problem-solving skills.
  3. Comprehensive Educational Material:
    • Each kit is accompanied by comprehensive educational material, including step-by-step instructions, educational guides, and supplementary materials. This ensures that the learning experience is not only practical but also well-supported with relevant theoretical knowledge.
  4. Modular Components:
    • The kit features modular components, offering an intuitive and user-friendly assembly process. This allows students to focus on the educational aspect rather than grappling with intricate construction.
  5. Real-world Applications:
    • Beyond the construction phase, students gain insights into the real-world applications of drones. OSTRICH AIR’s Build-A-Drone Kit sparks curiosity about the role of drones in various industries, from aerial photography to environmental monitoring.
  6. Engaging Challenges:
    • Each level of complexity introduces new challenges, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students progress through tasks that range from basic assembly to programming and customization.
  7. STEM Program Integration:
    • Aligned with STEM program objectives, the Build-A-Drone Kit seamlessly integrates into educational curricula, promoting interdisciplinary learning and fostering a passion for technology.



  • Skill Development:
    • Enhance technical skills, teamwork, and critical thinking through a hands-on drone-building experience.
  • Inspire Future Innovators:
    • Cultivate a passion for technology and innovation, inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists, and technologists.
  • Flexible Learning:
    • Adaptable to various educational settings, the kit provides flexibility for educators to tailor the program to their curriculum.

OSTRICH AIR’s Build-A-Drone Kit for STEM Programs is more than just a construction set; it’s a gateway to exploration, discovery, and the limitless possibilities of STEM education. Engage your students in an exciting journey of learning and creativity with OSTRICH AIR’s Build-A-Drone Kit.

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