• American-Made

• Fully Autonomous (no pilot needed)

• Superior Endurance – 10-20+ hrs. flight time,
based on payload

• Long Range – 1200 miles, based on payload

• 4X Sensor/Autopilot Redundancy

• Gas/Electric Hybrid Propulsion

• Little Training Required

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The G-1 MKII

The Vayu G-1 platform is an unmanned autonomous VTOL aircraft built to support a wide range of long-distance missions. The Professional Autopilot 3x is the first drone and eVTOL autopilot including 3x redundancy and compliance with the DO178C and DO254 aviation standards up to DAL-B (DAL-A Ongoing).


The G-1 is configured with eight electric motors for takeoff and landing, with a gasoline engine for forward fixed wing flight. Transition between electric and gasoline engine is seamless.


The G-1 features a fully customizable cargo bay with a payload delivery capacity of 24.2 lbs. With up to 20+ hours of flight time, a pilot can establish advanced control settings and fail-safes specific to mission conditions.



This data is based on maximum payload of 24 lbs. (11 kg).
Construction: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Composite
Range: 1200 Miles / 1931 Kilometers
Flight Time: 20 hrs (Fixed-Wing)
MAX Speed: (Fixed-Wing) 67 mph (108 kph)
Ceiling Altitude: 13,500 ft MSL (4,115m)
Max Takeoff Weight: 70 lbs (31.7 kg)
Payload Capacity: >24 lbs (>11 kg)
Dry Takeoff Weight: 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Overall Dimensions Span: 12 ft (3.7 m) / Length: 7 ft (2.13 m)
Engine Generator Output: 250w (500w intermittent)
Engine Fuel Grade: 98 Octane Sunoco ACX 1:50 oil premix
VTOL Battery: 13,000mAh lithium-ion solid state batteries 12s /50v
Datalink/Telemetry: 2.5GHz, 4G/LTE, and Satcom
RC Link: US:915MHz/EU:868MHz


• ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance,
Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance)
• IVA (Immediate Visual Assessment)
• Battle Space Awareness
• ATAK/WaRTAK Repeater
• Emergency Cell Network
• Close Air Support • Convoy Support
• Perimeter Security • Medical Supply Delivery
• Resupply / Delivery • Post Attack Runway Assessment
• RTK Capable • Search and Rescue
• Offshore Operations
• Ship to Ship Delivery
• Tactical Networks (e.g., DTC, Harris, MPU5, Trellisware)
• BACN (Battlefield Airborne Comm Node)
• Target Acquisition / Kill Chain
• Anti-Poaching
• Wildfire Spotting/Aerial Firefighting


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