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OSTRICH AIR – Custom Robotics


Unlocking Innovation with SOLID UAVS LLC and OSTRICH AIR!


SOLID UAVS LLC proudly collaborates with OSTRICH AIR, a group of dedicated and skilled robotics engineers based in San Jose, California. Together, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge robotics solutions tailored for various agencies, organizations, and businesses.


Through SOLID UAVS LLC, clients can now place special orders for custom robotics solutions, tapping into OSTRICH AIR’s specialization in crafting purpose-built drones, rovers, and advanced robotics technologies. Our collaborative efforts span an array of applications, including high-speed aerial capabilities, human transport, delivery services, mapping, inspections, and more.


No robotics project is deemed too complex or confidential for our collaborative team. At SOLID UAVS LLC and OSTRICH AIR, we thrive on challenges and remain resolute in bringing our clients’ visions to life.


OSTRICH AIR’s evolution into a leading player in the robotics industry is characterized by a team of highly skilled engineers and a cutting-edge facility in Silicon Valley, which is now seamlessly accessible through SOLID UAVS LLC. Together, we continually push the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of robotics, eagerly embracing new and exciting challenges.


Feel free to contact us should you require white-label services. We look forward to discussing how we can meet your specific needs and provide a tailored solution for your business.


If you have a visionary robotics dream waiting to be realized, don’t hesitate to place a special order through SOLID UAVS LLC. Contact us today, and let’s embark on the journey of turning your robotics vision into a reality. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you!

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